Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So far so good....

Well we, Noah & Mom, went to the store for only a few things, we have had a MAJOR role change in our home the past couple of months; dad used to be a stay at home dad until mom's fibromyalgia left her unable to work a couple of years ago.  Dad had a job then lost it when the economy took the downward, dad did all the shopping and cooking, now dad has a job for about a month now and mom is having to do some of this stuff and she is not used to it (Especially cooking) 

We have speech in a little while and then its off to the Memphis Zoo for a little while (hope it doesn't start to rain).  With dad working we only have one car, so we try to just keep the car one day a week for fuel conservation purposes!!!  It should be a full day for us.

Update on the Vanderbilt visit, we are still on the "placebo/medicine" until our next visit in Feb. then it's the coming off period.  YEAH we are on it for another month (too many GREAT changes not be on the medicine)  It is really difficult to try to make any plans for the next couple of months because we don't know how Noah is going to be, will the old behaviors come back (aggression, spitting, hitting, biting etc.)  There is a Autism Works Conference in St Louis in March I want to attend but will be unable too, since we committed to the clinical trial, we are not going to try to do anything else right now.

Noah was PERFECT at his visit they had to do a blood draw he didn't even flinch but he did tell them, "Hey your stealing my blood"  We all died laughing!!!  We ate breakfast at the hotel restaurant again and he was great.  He ate EVERYTHING (like the Alaskan Bullworm in Spongebob)  4 sausage patties, bowl of cereal, 6 pieces of bacon, biscuit with jelly I had to quit feeding him, I thought he might explode!!  All is well for now, how quickly things change though....

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