Friday, January 6, 2012

Things are improving......are they????

Noah has really been full of himself lately, he wanted to show me something on the computer today and he said, “Come on Mom, don’t be shy”  I’m not sure where he picked that up at.  You guys all know how our kids get on a kick, obsessed whatever you want to call it our’s is Super Mario Brothers right now, do you know what that Bowser (he’s bad) has 7 little Koopas, if there is anything that ya’ need to know about Super Mario Brother’s characters, I can probably answer most of your questions, I am also an expert on Spongebob.  
I have been so amazed at Noah’s ability to pick up on emotions lately, first it was the Santa Paws movie, it was a great part of the movie  & he started to cry, he looked at me and asked, “Why am I crying, I’m not sad”  he was very confused; so I started crying too (happy tears) and I explained to him about Happy Tears=)  A couple of night’s ago, sister got in trouble at the dinner table (she snuck some Dr P to drink) so Dad made her give it to him, she started to cry got up and left the table.  Noah’s eyes welled up with tears, he got her glass, went to the kitchen, got the Dr P, and poured her a glass and took it to her, “So she will be happy”  he definitely likes EVERYONE to be happy!! 
I am really thinking he is on the medicine from the study at Vanderbilt, or he has just had a HUGE change in behavior.  From August up till about a month ago he was OUT OF CONTROL!!  I was about to lose my mind.  Everything was a challenge, no one could do anything right.  We walked on egg shells & now he is communicating better, behaving better!!

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