Tuesday, May 14, 2013

AWARENESS for Autism......Facebook Going Blue!

What does awareness mean??   To me it means to educate and create the right perception of something.  In my case it is to educate and create a better understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder,  this is what is important to me.

April being Autism Awareness month is an excellent opportunity to create more awareness for autism, I shared the Light Bulb for Light It Up Blue with LOT'S of pages that WWOA is fans of.  What was different about the pages I shared with was they were all pet pages, therapy dog pages and even a rat!  The response I received was incredible not only did they share the light bulb they changed profile pictures and cover photos.  Some dressed their pet in something blue.  I am going to attempt to list all the pages you can like them ALL on Facebook links are provided for every page.  I am going to share some of their pictures as well (consent was received by every owner to use their pets photo).

The first week in April my WWOA Facebook page with it's little 3,000+ like reached over 76,000 people!!!
Our very dear friend Little Miss Missy was the first to get in the LIUB spirit Link to FB page

Look who's Lighting It Up Blue!!

Is she not adorable???

We shared with page after page we have a friend Shimi from Shimi's World (she is a rat) she posted the bulb for the WHOLE month of April!!  Link to FB page

Here is Surf Dog Ricochet lighting it up blue for autism awareness FB link,

 Parker Pup Cancer Sucks Parker raises money and awareness for cancer FB page,   
 PatchO Therapy Pits  FB page fans this is Bodacious she is a therapy dog.
Bodacious is an incredible dog she is a therapy
dog that really makes a difference!

Gabe Hero Dog 2012 joined in to support link to FB page,  We had so much support there is no way I can name all the pages that helped make this the "BEST" autism awareness day & month EVER!!  
Here is Skyler the Therapy Dog FB Page
This is Skyler he is AMAZING!!!
Jamanglers Creations Jamaica & Wrangler supported us too FB page
You have to check out their page they are great!!!

This is Zoey Says Stick it to Canine Cancer FB page link
Is Zoey not beautiful????

These are some more of our friends Bella and Chloe FB page link
Check out their page they are quite a pair!!
Bella and Chloe human sister has a page Drawing's for Pitbulls and those who love 'em FB page link

It is a great page she is very talented!!

Mr Buddy Rose FB page link  discovered us through another page I can't remember which one, it made me so happy that we were touching a community that might not have known alot about autism.  
How handsome is Mr buddy???
We also found another fur-friend his name is Earnest FB page link 
LOVE this bulb!!!

Another friend at Milo's World FB link to page sporting his Autism Awareness collar!  WOW au-some!!
He looks like a SWEETHEART!!  Loves
you Milo!!!!
The Gremlin's page on FB joined the autism community's celebration FB page link
Did I mention that he is a retired therapy dog
he has MANY amazing sisters & brothers too!
OH don't forget his awesome dad & mom!
Jake the Tripawd Therapy Dog's page
The support and awareness we, together, raised for autism was truly AMAZING!!  The Facebook pet community is HUGE we have met so many people & pets that have truly touched our lives.  I have also been made aware of issues facing this community just as we have issues we face in the autism community.  Once again it is passionate pet owners that bring these issues to the forefront.  For example in the autism community we have alphabet soup we have SO many terms ASD, IEP, ESY, ABA, OT, FAPE and so on.  In the pet community there is BSL, you will have to check out one our these pages to find out what that is!!! Spay/neuter, puppy mills, adopt don't shop!!  Also canine cancer affects 1 in 4 dogs I had no idea that canine cancer is so prevalent.  There are also dogs with disabilities as well!

I am going to attempt to list more pages that supported our awareness efforts, again I am sorry if I left a page out, please let me know!!!
Twister is TOTALLY Awesome he LOVES to spin like our kids with autism  Twister's World FB page link
Dozer the Therapy Dog in a BIG way he is a great dane FB page link
Isis head of the itty bitty pitty committee FB page link
Lucy's World FB page link 
Cora the Wobbly Pittie girl her momma works with kids that have autism!! fb page link
Frankie I'm a lover not a fighter FB page link 
The Hawk FB page link also joined in the LIUB awareness campaign on FB!!
Everest Out of a Pit FB page link he is a rescue dog that is now a therapy dog, AMAZING!!!
Kandie the Therapy Pittie FB page link

        I saved something super special for last
This really turned out to be a great WAAD we have some other friends that we met through Facebook the TN Safety Spotters FB page link we actually met Izzy with her mom Patricia at the reading of the Proclamation here in Memphis!! The TN Spotters (Izzy & Lottie Dot) also received the Jefferson Award in the Mid-South for outstanding volunteerism.  When Noah and Izzy met it was if they had always known one another!!  
Izzy & Noah at City Hall!

Look at her eyes she is deaf but she hears with her

Noah fell in love with her!!  So did I!!

We Love You

Facebook went blue on April 2, 2013 I love each and everyone of these pages PLEASE check them out they all something very unique to offer!!

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