Saturday, March 2, 2013

Friends?? Why I DON"T have any!

OK it's Saturday afternoon and really cold outside.  An old friend stopped by the house this afternoon well do surprises go over at your house....they are great AS LONG as it doesn't mess up Noah's  schedule.  Things were progressing alright Dad had the kids playing Play-Doh in the dining room so I could work on my research paper, I was on a roll and Savannah comes to tell me Mr. A is here. WOW I haven't seen or talked to him in months!

So I head downstairs to see my friend, we met when I worked for Cracker Barrel many moons ago, he was a regular guest and we developed a friendship he is old enough to be my dad!  He NEVER gives up on me, he is there if I EVER need ANYTHING!!  So we are visiting and catching up, laughing and crying together, and the clock strikes 2:00 p.m. well that's time for the Teen Titans EVERY Saturday.

Like I said I can have a life as ling as it does not interfere with Noah's schedule.  Noah informs me that it is 2 o'clock, I tell him I will be there in a minute, well thank God Mr.A is a sensitive person, he gets ready to leave well I have to walk him to the door get a couple of more hugs....well Noah has spoken and I am not coming so he runs into Meme's room and SLAMS the door, screaming, "I don't need you!"

Thank you Mr. A for being my friend no matter what!!  I just wish there were more people int he world who loved our kids just because of who they are!!

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