Saturday, January 21, 2012

We Did It!!

WOW we went and saw Spongebob, things went really smoothly we got there a few minutes before Spongebob was to appear, the Children's Museum of Memphis did an excellent job.  They had a bounce house which Noah saw right away and took his shoes off, he stayed in there for 10 minutes.  He completed the "Fry Cook Games" they had and won a small trophy, he was THRILLED,  he has always want a trophy!! 

Noah got to have his picture made with Spongebob, the line was never really backed up, they had SO many different activities for the kids.  Of course Noah wasn't very interested in the Arts & crafts they had to do.  He really didn't want to play the games, but he REALLY wanted a trophy! 

One of the games was to put Spongebob's pants on like Pine the Tail on the Donkey, I wasn't sure how the whole blindfold thing was going to work out, but Noah saw the kids ahead of him, and we explained it.  The young lady put on the blindfold and told him she was going to "spin him 3 times".  OH WELL that is all he needed to hear was the word SPIN!!!  He started and I had to stop him; well you know he didn't get dizzy; he walked right up and put Spongebobs pants. 

The longer we were there the more people were coming in, Noah was starting to get overloaded with the crowd.  I mentioned that we needed to go and he started to meltdown.  Well Dad was with us today, and we coaxed him out without a meltdown; there were a few tears but nothing horrible.  When he started to get overloaded he started to break away from us and he doesn't pay attention to anyone around him; we there were some little bitty kids there you really have to be cautious today especially with the crowd.  So you know I got a few "looks" from some parents but who the hell cares right???

Overall it went well here are a couple of pics of the Spongebob Super Bowl trip!!!
Spongebob at the Childrens Museum Memphis

Noah & Spongebob

Spongebob Games Trophy

Noah has become fascinated with the bees at the CMOM!!

Still at the bee exhibit!!

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