Friday, January 20, 2012

SLEEP something from a past lifetime.....

As you know we are in the clinical trial at Vanderbilt for the new ASD medicine, the ONLY drawback we have seen from the "medicine" is NO SLEEP REQUIRED!!!  Noah never liked to go to sleep like most kids on the Spectrum sleep is  always more difficult with children with Autism.  The thing is EVERYBODY suffers from Noah not sleeping.  I am SO glad that I homeschool them other wise Noah's sister would be sleeping during school.

The "medicine" (I say  that because its a placebo controlled study we might not be on the "medicine")  Once again I feel certain that we are because their have been SO many positive changes in his behavior, his communication, he is trying new foods!!  YES TRYING NEW FOODS!!  We go back next week, Thursday is the appointment.  After this appointment I think we start to withdraw the medicine AHHHH!!!  I am not looking forward to that I am afraid old behaviors will re-surface.  I will keep you posted. 

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