Friday, March 28, 2014

New Autism Numbers 1 in 68

This news is heartbreaking and enlightening BECAUSE there is still nothing being done and the general public needs to know this. Autism is the fastest growing disability there is, across the board there is a lack of services for these children they are getting diagnosed faster than individuals can get a degree to work with them.

Autism changed our life FOREVER nothing is ever gonna be as it should be.  Looking at my beautiful baby boy when he was born NEVER did I think for 1 minute there was anything wrong with him.....and that spilled over as he aged I was the REASON Noah was not diagnosed early on and it is guilt that I live with EVERYDAY.   With the increase of 29% in two years that in itself is frightening!! I hate it when people ask me what do I think causes autism, if you are an autism parent you have been asked.  This is strictly my opinion only. I think autism comes from the vaccines AND the environment AND our faulty genes we pass to our kids due to the environment.  This is NOT the world that God created for us WE (human race) have destroyed that planet and now we are paying the price.

I posted this to Facebook earlier:
I am in a pessimistic frame of mind right now after the release of the new autism numbers from the CDC I have given it some thought, so here is what I think.  Anyone that knows me knows I was the biggest advocate for Light it up Blue campaign there is but after 4 years NOTHING has changed!!!  SO whether we Light it up Blue or whatever color our community is arguing about does it matter I mean really.  My porch light is blue year around do I think it made a difference I DOUBT IT!!  With 1 in 68 kids being diagnosed with autism the only ones who seem to care are those directly affected by it.  So those of you that are not affected GUESS WHAT you will be with autism prevalence increasing 29% in two years eventually everyone in this country will be touched by autism in some way.  Maybe then that will foster acceptance and understanding along with support for those individuals and their families!!

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