Sunday, December 9, 2012

AUTISM STRONG - The Autism Parent, the Hopeful Parent

An Autism Parent is the most hopeful of individuals in the world, when your kid was diagnosed you were probably told a number of things they wouldn't be able to do.....maybe they still can't do some of those things but do we give up hope NO, NEVER.  Do our kids give up on us??  NO, NEVER.  Even in the midst of a meltdown over his stuffed Bowser loosing an eyebrow, you deal with it and move on!

We never stop hoping we never give up...we may feel and appear defeated at times with the bite marks, the bruises and handfuls of hair we are not defeated we are AUTISM STRONG!!   There are some misconceptions about who we are, WE ARE NOT VICTIMS of this disorder we are moms, dads, sisters, & brothers who just need a little more understanding & compassion.  We are a stronger family BECAUSE of autism.   We are not victims we just want what is best for our child just like other parents.

Just remember we are AUTISM STRONG, we take more in one day than most parents handle in a week or more!!  We were given this position because God believes we can do it!!