Saturday, January 21, 2012

Going to see Spongebob hmm.....

Ok its 230 am , Noah went to sleep at 200am!!!  We are going to the Children's Museum of Memphis in the morning Spongebob is going to be there YEAH!!!   Keep a positive thought for me, we go quite a bit so everyone there sorta of knows us. the young lady in charge of events has an adult brother with autism, so I am going to talk to her and see if we can sneak into see the Sponge before all the other kids come in.  You never know all I can do is ask, when we were in Florida this past summer I called the Naval Museum in Pensacola and asked if we could come before they open, told then about Noah & Autism, they let us come in an hour before the museum opened so that Noah could enjoy himself, and we all had a BLAST, we didn't have to worry about crowds, the noise, running into people it was awesome.  I learned it never hurts to ask=)

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