Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Moment I wanted to Last Forever

In my case as an autism mom I don't have many moments that I want to "last forever" unless it's the fact that he is sleeping!!  Had one yesterday WOO HOO!!  Noah & I went to the zoo yesterday, it was free afternoon at the Memphis zoo and it was packed, the weather has been unseasonably warm here.  So we go look at animals we went into the Creatures of the Night, I didn't think we were ever going to know how the get obsessed with things, well it was BATS, yes flying rodents GROSS, we watched those bats for at LEAST 30 minutes Noah was fascinated with them.

So the zoo got new playground equipment, YEAH!!  Noah wanted to go to the crowded playground so we did.  He made a friend, did you get that HE MADE A FRIEND!!!   Noah was just running and jumping, I am standing there on "pins & needles" just waiting to have to explain that he has autism to another parent that is usually giving us the eye in disapprovement, you know the parents I'm talking about.  I didn't have to do that yesterday.  A boy named Levi befriended Noah, and it was perfect.  That little boy didn't notice that there was something "wrong" or he just didn't care either way Noah had such a GREAT time, Levi had a younger sister and they played tag and chase and follow the leader.  I sat down on a bench and began to tear up; for a few moments in time it was like he was a "typical" child.  I never wanted to leave yesterday I wanted to preserve this moment for as long as I could.  It was beautiful=)

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