Saturday, January 19, 2013

How Do You Light It Up Blue??

April is just around the corner and we know it's Autism Awareness month. Do you have plans to Light It Up Blue?? We keep our light on our porch blue all year.

Have you considered contacting your mayor, city council or other city offices to request that they LIUB?? Here in Memphis I worked with the Mayor's staff & city council and we are proclaiming April 2 Autism Awareness Day in Memphis. I did it ALL by email. So you have a landmark or historic monument in your city?? Contact them and see if they will LIUB! How about your zoo "Let's go Blue at the zoo".

I am copying the email to our mayor & council members you can use that as an example to email your city officials.

 Dear City Council Members,
I wanted to let you know that autism is the fastest growing disability in the world 1 in 88 kids are being diagnosed that's one child EVERY 11 minutes! That's frightening. I understand first hand the affects that autism has my son Noah is 10 and he has autism. Autism affects communication skills, social skills and behavior, it varies with each child.

Autism Speaks has a yearly campaign to Light It Up Blue for Autism Awareness it has grown buildings across the world are participating. Last year I was successful in a campaign to light Graceland up blue. I also participated in the Light It Up Blue ceremony in Hernando MS, the mayor there declared April 2 to be Autism Awareness Day in Hernando. I ask you as the City Council & Mayor Wharton to consider proclaiming April 2 to be Autism Awareness Day in Memphis. Would you also consider Lighting City Hall Blue for Autism Awareness? I would love to discuss this with you all, I know that you are extremely busy but I would love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks so much for your time,

Please do a little brainstorming and get your neighborhood to LIUB, local businesses, schools, colleges the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!