Saturday, January 7, 2012

Noah & the iPad

We were so fortunate to win an iPad the week before Christmas; I had entered every contest I could find to win one because I could not afford it.  So we won it from a Law firm in Arizona, Arizona Family Law, it has truly been a blessing.  It has made homeschooling so much easier; what used to take 30-40 minutes to complete a worksheet now takes around 15-20 minutes to complete on the iPad.  We are able to complete so much more work, than before. 
Noah absolutely loves the iPad, we have a book about candy on it when we were at Vanderbilt last week I look over and Noah is licking the iPad, there was cotton candy on the screen. LOL
If you are in need of a visual scheduling app I have found the one that works best for us (I had tried two others) called Choiceworks App, it is $14.99 it might seem like a lot but it is cheaper than the other two I tried.  It is so easy to use & Noah loves it; Savannah has us put a schedule in for her & a chore list.  I really want to thank Arizona Family Law for having their contest and providing us with such a great tool that has enhanced our lives SO much already & I know this is the beginning of GREAT things!!!
Arizona Family Law, Law Offices of Scott David Stewart

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