Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our Neuropsychology Appointment

So we had our neuropsych appointment today and OMG this was incredible.  The doctor came out and get this our appointment was at 2:00 pm guess how many people were in the waiting area, just guess?  US that was it imagine that a doctor who only schedules one patient for an appointment. WOW!  She (the doctor) comes out and calls Noah and she is super excited to see us.

We get up and head back to her office and Noah plops in one chair and me in the other, she starts off by saying how exciting it is being in the study at Vanderbilt for STX209. Before I could say anything she proceeded to tell me that she was a participating doctor at the same study here in Memphis.  She said this is he first time she has seen an individual outside the study on the medicine so we discussed how awesome we thought the medicine was and how many people will benefit from it.

Let's continue to Noah's Q & A with her it went like this:
Dr: I am going to ask you some questions ok??
Noah: OK

Dr:  Do you know what the year is?
Noah: 2013
BAM got that one!!

Dr: Do you know what month it is?
Noah: February
BAM another one I didn't dare tell her he was obsessed with the calendar!! LOL

Dr: Do you the date, the number?
Noah: 28
BAM I am super impressed and beaming!!!

Dr: Is today the last day of the month?
Noah:  Yes
BAM she thought she could trick him not my calendar obsessed boy.

Dr: What is the next month?
Noah: March
BAM I was a little worried about that one!

Dr: What is this?  Pointing to her watch.
Noah: It's how you check the time.
Good job!!

Dr: What state do you live in?
Noah: The United Sates
CLOSE....she prompted with the "T" and he got Tennessee

Dr: I am going to hold this paper up read the words and do what it says. (it read Close your eyes)
Noah: Close your eyes and he did!!

We were finishing up and Noah spotted a model brain behind her desk and asked her, "Can I see your brain?" she looked a bit puzzled and Noah said, "that brain" pointing to the model brain behind her desk on a shelf.  She said OK, it had a card with it and he checked out the brain and was looking at the card and looking at the brain.  He turned the card over and held it next to the brain, I am thinking what is he doing I look over he was matching the card to the brain the parts of the brain were color coded the card had the areas of the brain listed.  The doctor said, "Noah can you read any of those words?" Noah replied, "Normal brain" (that was at the top of the card) and then he said "pretend" I looked at the card he was trying to say prefrontal I thought that was a great try!!

Overall I was impressed with my little man this child NEVER ceases to amaze me!!  Thank you God for choosing me to be his mom!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Noah's Urine Sample...He Peed in WHAT??

Yesterday we are at Vanderbilt for Noah's appointment, so we get to the hospital and get up to the right floor, we are getting settled and Noah needs to use the restroom. So he goes into the bathroom. So I waited for a minute and decided maybe I should go in there and see what going on.

I walk into the bathroom and Noah is peeing in the lid of an aerosol can. OMG he says, "here give this to them" I said, "no and poured it into the toilet and said they will get you a cup if they need your pee." Noah responds, "go get the cup". I said, "they will give us a cup if you need to do that."

So I go to throw away the lid that had been peed in he screams, "NO!" I stop "What's wrong??" He grabs it from me and says, "don't throw it away" and puts it back on the aerosol can that it came off of! I just left it there. LOL never a dull moment!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

We Had A Play Date

I don't think I have combined those two words PLAY & DATE when talking about Noah....well I can now, a friend of ours we don't see much she has a child with autism two years younger than Noah, she asked us over Saturday and we went.  We were there a little over 2 hours and she & I sat in the living room having coffee while the boys played TOGETHER!!  It was fabulous, I have NEVER experienced that before I was always on pins and needles when we were anywhere visiting.

I was so proud of BOTH of them, after about an hour they came down and played separately for about 20  minutes we figured they needed a break from being social.  Then they started up again it was GREAT!!

Life is good.....