Sunday, May 20, 2012

You know THE KID the mean one!!!

Alright we went to the graduation party last night and it was great, they had a huge slide which Noah stayed on pretty much for an hour and a half. There we two other boys age 7 and they were all playing so great together the boys asked Noah his name, and Noah asked their names.  It was like "regular" kids I was eating it up.  They were sliding down together, upside down, flipping down the slide or in Noah's case flipping UP the slide!!!! AND THEN " the kid" gets there and we all know this kind of kid, he was just mean in my opinion. He wanted them to  play "king of the hill". But in playing the game the kid was kicking Noah, grabbing his arm & twisting it, called him a baby, so Momma was getting pissed!!  So was daddy.  It was not pretty daddy said something to the kid about three times about "playing to rough".   He was still grabbing him at the top where daddy couldn't see,  so off came the shoes and momma went up there to set things straight. I get up there and he is twisting his arm while laying on him.  Noah is not sure why to make of all this, him and sis play rough abut not with the intention to hurt one another.   I told the the kid "DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS ON HIM AGAIN!!!  DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME???". The kid says we were playing king of the hill.  I told him, " your not playing that game anymore just slide".  So the kid settled down he actually got off the slide for a little while.  We don't experience stuff like that often since we homeschool. So Noah doesn't know what to make of it.  And apparently mommy doesn't either did I do the right thing??  Should I have let it continue and let Noah as something ( which I don't think he would) I think that Noah though it was ok.   Let me know your thoughts on this one.  Advice appreciated!!!


  1. very thought provoking, I would have handled it exactly the same way you two did! :)


  2. I think you did the right thing. You told him to stop several times and he didn't listen, so telling him not to touch your son at all and to stop playing that game was the right call. I do have one question though: Where was that kid's mom?! She should've been keeping an eye on her son and making sure he was not hurting your son.

  3. I thought you handled it pretty well. You warned the kid, let him know his actions were NOT alright, then intervened. If you had hauled off and smacked the the kid, that would have been taking it too far, though very satisfying.:P) Where were this kid's parents? I am glad the kid listened in the end. If he hadn't, the next step would best be to find them, or whoever was hosting. This is probably a good time to talk to Noah about how to let other kids, especially the pushy, bullying types,know when they are crossing his boundaries, and what to do on his own. There are resources for that online if you aren't sure how to approach it. You did well!