About me....

I am an Autism mom my son is 9 and he has autism we were diagnosed when he was 5.  I have been involved with Autism Speaks the past two years here in Memphis TN.  We had our first Walk Now for Autism Speaks event in Memphis this past September, I was fortunate enough to be the chairperson.  I LOVE Autism Speaks, they have done so much for the Autism community.

I am also a student pursuing my degree with Liberty University Online in Psychology, my goal is to start my business next year Foundation's for the Future to assist adolescence and adults with autism in independent living skills, job related skills, community skills and any other area that they may need assistance.

I have two children 9 & 12 we are a home school family, Memphis City Schools had a difficult time meeting Noah's needs with autism, So due to safety concerns and his anxiety levels we thought it best.

Autism has changed our lives, is it a family centered disability and needs to be addressed that way.  Parents & siblings need an outlet to express themselves as well.  My daughter does a remarkable job with her brother, she loves him so much and he loves her too.  Family is very important to us, we are not your typical family by any means, but then again who is?

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