Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm Blogging!

WOW I have not written in a while, things went from WILD to WILDER in our world in May when the STX209 study was cancelled, our miracle pill was GONE!  We have been through a lot since that day in Mid-May, BUT we are now on another regimen of meds and it seems to be working, for now anyway.

We are still home schooling him & his sister this year, I have 2 more semesters (if all goes well) before I graduate with my Psychology degree YIPEE!!!   I am gonna do my best to post at least weekly to recap the craziness for you all!!

Noah & I were working on time the other day and the clocks hands were both on 12 so the answer should have been 12:00  his response was 00:00  LOL!!  I just love there is NEVER a dull moment in our lives!  Today he is "pretending" the thing that measures the electricity we are using (don't know the name of that) is his Time Machine!  Alrighty then!!

Have a great day & weekend!!

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