Thursday, January 12, 2012

Noah's "Trial Medicine"

In case you don't know we are in a clinical trial at Vanderbilt in Nashville for a new medicine for autism to help kids with their social skills.  It is blind study I think is what they call it.  There was a 50/50 chance whether we got the drug or the placebo.  I really think that we got the medicine.  Noah has been so verbal, that you can understand him better.  He is noticing the environment around him, which he NEVER did before.  He saw my new necklace on me the other day and said, "Oh how pretty" 

I was walking down the stairs the other day and he hit me (not hard) on the back, and immediately said Oh I'm sorry for hitting you.  I said OK he went and told his Dad that he hit me by accident, he has never used that word before.  (accident)

I really think that we are on the medicine, we still have issues, his aggression is so much better, he still loves to SCREAM & slam doors (not as much though)  After the study we will be able to have the medicine even if he wasn't on it without waiting for FDA approval.  The medicine is already used with individuals with Fragile X Syndrome.  If you want more info leave me a comment and I will respond email me at

We drove to Millington the other day to get him a game from Gamestop(he got a gift card for Christmas), Millington is about 20 minutes outside Memphis, he had NEVER been to a Gamestop I always thought it would just be too much for him ALL those games, I thought it would be a nightmare.  I prayed about it and his behavior has been 100% improved, so OK we will go.  Laid down the ground rules on the way there and before we got out of the car, STAY with mommy & don't touch anything OK??  He says OK!!!  He was absolutely PERFECT!!!  Held my hand as we walked around the small store three times he was looking at EVERYTHING!

Noah is really maturing, he is still behind, but that's alright.  he brings such joy & love to this household; living with a child with autism DEFINITELY gives you a different, broader perspective on life

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