Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Crazy Week

What a crazy week its been and it's only Wednesday AHHH!!  We have really great days lately, except for a little door slamming and screaming.  We are much improved with other behaviors though, like biting and hitting.  Yesterday we (I say we and not he because we are in this together) had the mother of all meltdowns, and I do not know why…  I got punched in the face two times, he then he grabbed the hair on the back of my head and started shaking my head, sounds funny now but at the time it WAS NOT FUNNY.  Then he “suckered” me he approached me with his arms open as if to hug me, so stupid me I thought the meltdown was over, HA he punched me in the face. 
We are in the study at Vanderbilt in Nashville for a new medicine to help kids with ASD and their social skills, it's a placebo study thing, he may or MAY NOT be on the medicine.  I think we may be on the medicine because we have some really great things happen lately I will fill you in with some later posts. 
We are a home school family both Noah 9 with autism & Savannah 11 who is neuro-typical are home schooled, this is good & bad we are ALWAYS together, you can see how this would get old.  I will not let Noah EVER attend public school again & am not financially able to send him to a private school so here we are.  I got to go to Target tonight by myself, it was a little strange I have to say.  What a treat to go somewhere with the kids WOW!! 
 It's the little things that mean so much to Autism Families, I really think that we were chosen because we can step back & learn a great deal from this wonderfully made child.  We have SO much love to give no matter what, if we are being hit, bit, kicked,spit on, we take it because we know that there is a reason why & this child is not mean or vindictive he is simply trying to communicate!

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