Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Fun has Already Started & Proud Moment

Well we went to Vanderbilt and it's time to come off the medicine OMG he is already starting some of the old behaviors already. After he got up this morning it was about 5 minutes later I hear him crying I get back upstairs to see what's wrong and he screams, hits me and says my DS turned off. Then he started crying again because I didn't understand what he was trying to tell me he got REALLY upset and started screaming at me. I guess this is the way it is going to be the next month this SUCKS! But knowing that after this month we can get on the medicine will hopefully help me get through it.

He has been a WILD CHILD today, surely this isn't what  to expect for the next month.  A have been like a crazy person today too, may be that's what wrong he is sensing that I am out of sync today.   Other times he is the sweetest thing, come to me and tells me how much he loves me!!!

He has started to "lie" I can't believe it,(what a proud moment) he doesn't want me to throw anything away, so he got some paper plates out of the trash.  I started to close it and noticed the plates were missing, i asked Noah if he has them, "No No I don't have them I didn't get them out of the trash."  I told him what he was doing was lying and he looked puzzled, so I said you have to tell Mommy what you did that's called the truth.  So he went and go them for me to throw away.  I hope we don't end up on that TV show Hoarders LOL!!!!!

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