Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Autism Quirkiness (is that a word??) Toilet Troubles!!

Autism Quirkiness (is that a word??)  I think I have made more of my own words (or Noah words) since having been diagnosed with ASD.  Explain this… He use to be OBSESSED with toilet flushing, he would come in the bathroom and flush while you are still using the toilet.  Now he doesn’t want to flush because he has to wait for the water to come back up.  Go figure?? So he was in the bathroom with me of course, I got done I flushed OMG you would have thought I had created the cardinal sin.  He was in hurry and I wasn’t suppose to flush.  He told me well its not poop so we don’t have to flush.  NO NO NO, I don’t know where that came from.  Gross, where does he come up with this stuff.  He learned a new word on You Tube "boner" GREAT  so he answers to phone yesterday and just keeps saying, "Boner, Boner, Boner,"  Over & Over it was his older step brother thank goodness, and the fact that he has speech difficulty, for  once I was happy someone could not understand him!!! LOL

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