Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Typical Child "Super Savannah"

Incredible things are happening in our house tonight, Savannah my 12 year old, is teaching her brother, we home school but for some reason he responds really well to her teaching him.

School/Play room is messy but it works for us!!


Sometimes I think I forget what an important part of the plan she is that God has for life as a family.  Autism is a family centered disability; our "typical" kids/siblings are such an important piece of the puzzle.  She needs an outlet to express herself she does it through drawing, hanging with her friends, watching movies, we go places together just she & I.

This past Saturday we went to the mall UGH I DO NOT like going to the mall, but we really needed to do something together, so we went.  they were having "Chocolate Fantasy" at the mall we went to tickets were $18 that's about $18 over budget.  We were headed to the Food Court an a lady stopped and asked us if we were leaving the mall.  I told her we were headed to the Food Court, she worked for a local radio station and GAVE us 2 tickets to the Chocolate thing.  COOL Right, WRONG Meme called Noah was having a mini- meltdown because he couldn't find me, I told him we were leaving for a little while, I guess in his opinion we were gone long enough.   So I tell Savannah and she is SO understanding, she look a little disappointed, but we still had the Chocolate tickets, it was only 2pm & it ended at 5pm  we don't live far from that mall.  So we came home, pull up in driveway, Noah is on the porch swing by himself, Meme is behind the door watching him, Savannah opens her door and Noah comes to the car and said to me,"I was SO worried about you!"

I apologized and reminded him that I told him I was going with Savannah.  SO I spent about an hour with Noah, Savannah & I loaded back up and headed to Chocolate land we had a great time.  She is such a great kid, she loves her brother so much and looks out for him, do they fight? Yeah, their brother & sister.  Do they get "sick" of each other? YES especially since they are home schooled.  Time away from each other is a valued asset for them, however them being together all the time gives Savannah a little more insight to him, triggers, likes & dislikes.  Our life is so crazy as it is, if I had the power would I change some things SURE I would.  But God has given me this Special Family for a reason, and it was through Noah's autism diagnosis that I finally figured it out.  Life is too short to not enjoy EVERY moment that we can.  As parents of kids on the Spectrum we don't take ANYTHING for granted anymore. We take it as it comes and do the absolute
BEST that we can for our child. THANK YOU to our "typical" kids we couldn't do it without you!!

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