Thursday, February 16, 2012

Communicaton MUCH IMPROVED!!

Noah comes to mommy & says, "Did you get me the Gameboy Advance System that I asked you for??
Mommy, doesn't get to say a word.
Noah, " I can't believe you didn't get the Gameboy Advanced System for me"
Mommy still nothing.
Noah, "How am I supposed to play Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga without a Gameboy Advanced System?"
Then Mommy finally gets to laugh and say, "you can play it on your DS"

This is the kid who LOVES video games, he has researched all these old gaming systems and he wants them.  Now I know you have tried "reasoning" with someone who has autism, sometimes that does not work.  I tell him the DS is newer and better than the old systems.  He has been shopping on Amazon AGAIN, he calls me over, he needs my code (which is my card) to buy these systems, he has several in his cart totaling over $400 NO CODE FOR YOU!!!

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