Sunday, March 17, 2013

He is SO talented.....

Have you ever wondered what your kid with autism will grow up to be??  I do Noah has unusual talents he is not a math wiz and he talented in his own way.

Noah absolutely LOVES the Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans, Spongebob and few others I can't think of at the moment.  Here is his special talent.....he gets the "jail" on his computer (from Teen Titans) and then he goes to clips of the shows listed above and finds the characters from the PPG, TT and Spongbob in jail.

There are quite a few episodes where main characters are in jail, anyway he opens the tabs BEHIND the jail tab so "they are all in there because they are behind it"  Makes perfect sense to me.  It is  quite interesting that he is able to do that.  So will he be a film editor, a jailer LOL, a cartoonist, hmmmm the possibilities!! they are endless........

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