Tuesday, September 4, 2012

He's Licking WHAT????

My husband LOVES to cookout an have friends over which is great because if not for him I would never have anyone over. So our friends from the neighborhood come....now our neighorhood is quite different from most, it was going down the toilet and THEN a clinic came into our area of town and the doctors that work there moved into the neighborhood YEAH!!!   So at our little party we had a fireman, 2 doctors, 2 in doctor school & a dentist COOL.

Noah is outside with us just messing around I look over and Noah is licking the concrete!  YES licking the concrete. So I said, "Noah stop licking the concrete!" that's just normal for us right, well everybody looked over and I think they were stunned for a second but then they laughed. So then we got to enlighten them on other "autism stuff". Like don't lick the iPad, why is your foot in the toilet, why you HAVE to wait in the bathroom after you flush till the water in the toilet comes up, the tub is his boat and it must be dry after every shower or bath,  and I could go on and on.

All in all it was a great cookout and we had a lot of fun, we made some new friends, one was a young a lady she is a pediatrician, I think we are going to get together and bake for the Halloween party I am planning!!

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  1. too cute! reminds me of the many "don'ts" from day to day in an autism household. "don't hit the dog. Don't put that in your mouth. Don't touch that. Don't yell. Don't eat that. Don't kick your brother. Don't bite me...." the list goes on and on, :) Glad u made some new friends!