Friday, September 14, 2012

Our AU-some Social Security Encounter

If you receive SSI benefits you know how difficult it can be to obtain benefits for anyone that has a disability.  We started back in March of this year, WOW it is a lot of paperwork, dates and times of everything that your child has went through or done.  It took me several days just to complete the application.  I sent copies of EVERYTHING I had about Noah and autism.  I did everything they asked me too, showed up on time never rescheduled an appointment, I had heard that Social Security's caseload it was taking over a year to get approved UHG.

So two weeks ago I get  a letter on Tuesday telling me to go to the SS office here in Memphis by Friday, the letter was addressed to Noah, so I thought I had to being him.  We got there Thursday afternoon and met Ms B, she was handling our case.  She asked if I had husband pay stubs since March, I did not the letter said BRING THE LETTER.  She looked through my application to see if I needed anything else, she wanted a statement of Noah's savings account so she would know where to the money.  I said, "Send the money???" and then she said those 4 great words, "you have been approved" I could not believe it.  My application was the most complete application she had ever seen.  She needed pay stubs to determine the monthly amount of Noah's benefit

The next day I took her the info she needed, she called that afternoon said she had it all put in they owed him X amount of money in back pay that would be deposited immediately (1/2 of it), and his monthly benefit was XX amount.  I could not speak I thought it would be around $100 a month I was WRONG it was much more than that.  It is based on your income so every one's will be different.

Thanks to the awesomeness of one lady who truly made a difference at the Social Security Office!!

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