Friday, September 28, 2012

Center of Attention.....

After we finished soccer practice last night from 6-7, one of our local colleges has a Special Olympics night where their students work with the athletes...after soccer we drove there most everyone who was at soccer went.  We get there the college's volleyball teams are there our athletes are working on volleyball tonight.  When we get in one of the moms had already picked out Noah's "personal assistant" they hit it off well.  I got to sit with two more parents and chit chat YES chit chat I didn't know I still knew how.....seems like I am ALWAYS explaining autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD you know!!  the usual stuff!!

One of the parents said, "look Noah has an audience" I turned to look he was sitting on the bleachers with 6 college guys standing there looking at him and he was just talking up a storm....when I looked closer I saw about 6 volleyballs where your feet go on the bleachers...he was telling those guys something about all the balls.  A few minutes later a look up again and one of the guys is carrying Noah around on his shoulders WOW this kid was eating up all this attention!!  Because you know I NEVER pay any attention to him LOL!

I got to be time to leave the social butterfly wants to go around the entire gym and hug everyone, I know I need to work on appropriate behaviors some more, so I limited him to the 10 people by the door.  So with that being said we finally got to leave............but not before his announcement he said LOUDLY, "I will see you all next week!" they laughed and were all saying bye Noah.

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