Friday, August 24, 2012

Looking Back.....

WOW I cannot believe that I am actually at a point where I could write those words it was less than a year ago Noah's behavior had gotten so out of control I was I at my wits end.  Love that STX209!

I remember when going to the grocery store with Noah was a dreaded trip...I couldn't stand the thought of it, Walmart, Target & the mall were totally out of the question.

I remember a trip to Blockbuster video store (when we had stores) he was 6 or 7-that was during the Scooby Doo obsession he wanted a specific video.  The DVD cases were in front of the copies of the movie, well there were none behind it...he opened the case and LOST IT!  He laid in the middle of the floor and had a huge MELTDOWN.  He could not comprehend why there would be a case with no movie~and it would not have done me any good to try to explain at this point.  I was running damage control; I was down on the floor with him to ensure his safety.

There was a kid about Noah's age that was witnessing the meltdown and he started to approach us, I was glad his mom got to him before he made it too us because I am not sure of Noah's reaction to him.  BUT I didn't like they way she went about it.  She looked at me with "the face" you know the one all disapproving and smirky looking and said, "his mother will deal with him"~I wanted to "deal" with her. But at that point I was only concerned for Noah and how his recovery would be from the meltdown.  Week before last we took him to Walmart & Target on a Saturday WOO HOO.

All you moms & dads, some of you have been there~and are passing that "stage" for now.  But to those who are experiencing these issues IT WILL GET BETTER...

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