Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wonder What He Was Saying.....

Soccer practice number 2 in the books.....he did pretty good~still likes that hole to sit in and look for bugs! LOL Today there were quite a few more people than the last practice!! There is a man that comes, Andy and his nephew,the brown boy (he's 4 & typical).

Andy is deaf and uses sign language to communicate his 4 year old nephew knows sign language too. Anyway Noah is just talking Andy's head off and Andy starts to sign Noah's not sure whats he's doing. The brown boy sees what's happening and get between them and is translating for Noah AWESOME. So the players head over for a break to get some water I am explaining to Noah that Andy is deaf that means he can't hear, and he uses his hands to speak. Noah says, "he cannot speak" I reply, "no he speaks with his hands".

So the players head back to the soccer field, Noah is being Noah socializing instead of playing, he is over with Andy he starts signing to Noah, the brown boy was at the other end of the field so Noah starts "signing" back he was just moving his hands and fingers.....wonder what he was saying. I was SO funny. Guess what?? We are going to start learning sign language next week.

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