Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Leader & Noah

Here are some pictures of the soccer practice the other day.....Noah is the small one in the purple shirt!

Noah and "the leader" that is the coach's title....The Leader.  Who else is talented enough to play soccer with his hands behind his back? Hmmmm Nobody I know.

Huddle Up!!!  Looks who is in the middle giving directions....who is the smallest on there?  All the guys make a big fuss over him he LOVES it!

Wow personal instruction from "the Leader"  he won't kick the ball very hard, however KUDOS to him he did make a GOAL!!

UH OH~ what now.... here comes "The Leader" for some more 1 on 1 time with the boy!!
All in all Noah LOVES it he doesn't know that he one of two little guys, he doesn't see size, color or disability! I WISH WE COULD ALL SEE THE WORLD THAT WAY!

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