Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Banging Bug

OK if you have kept up with us the past week we were on vacation at Tishomingo State Park in North Mississippi, it was great.

The first night there we made a campfire, there was a bug banging into the cabin light~so Noah named it the "Banging Bug"  of course.  He was more interested in the banging bug than the campfire.  So it was time to settle down to go to sleep and Noah's asked Dad to tell him the story of "The Banging Bug".  Dad said to me it couldn't be Cinderella or the Three Bears something I knew~so he had to make one up.  He did well for an impromptu story time.

We LOVE going here to get away the Natchez Trace is right there by the park here is a picture of a sunset on the trace...BEAUTIFUL!

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