Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mommy...the Slacker!!

I will admit it I have been a "Therapy Slacker" this summer.  We do not get ESY services since we home school & we have Tenn Care (TN Insurance for kids) so finding IN NETWORK providers is VERY difficult. We haven't done any therapy this summer other than a few days a week at camp for kids with different abilities.  That went very well.

So I got together the couple of providers that I wanted to use and I got busy today!  I called the insurance people because it covers ABA believe it or not but finding a provider is the hard part. I contacted the Speech & OT provider that I had in mind they forwarded the paperwork via email & I had it returned with in the hour. They are going to file out of network but both speech & OT are at the same location!! I got in contact with the ABA provider, since chairing the Autism Speaks event the past 2 years has provided me with some good contacts, working together we should be APPROVED for ABA services next week.  In conjunction with the new medicine (STX209) the therapies should be a lot more effective.

SLACKER no more!  We really enjoyed the summer just spending quality time together.  It's time to get back in the game and make things happen.  I am also signing Noah up for soccer through the Special Olympics, I can't wait I think he will really enjoy it!

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