Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pictures of Our Life with Autism

Dad & Noah I LOVE this picture!!
We were at Mousetail State Park in Tennessee.
Here are some pretty cute pictures of our life with autism, those of you who live with autism will totally understand the significance of these!!!

These are some pictures from our last trip to Nashville to go to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital!!

 This is the view from our hotel LOTS of construction in downtown Nashville!!
Nashville Frogs (at least that what Noah calls them)

Love the one with the coconut top on!!
We stopped at Mousetail State Park on the way home from Nashville last month, we waded in this stream, Noah ended up making a "Rock Castle"!!  Check it out!!

This is MAJOR castle construction going on here!!!
Here is the completed project "Rock Castle"!!!
We dyed some rice different colors just for kicks and made some art from it!!  Our Masterpieces!!
Angry rice face!!! GRRR!!!
Totally AWESOME!!

   He HAD to have this for his birthday it's called Destiny's Bounty from Lego Ninjago!!!
$80 Ninjago Ship took mom 3 hours to build, guess what??
he doesn't play with it HMMM!!
Dad had to put some concrete down yesterday to even out a spot in the backyard, Noah was curious, of course.  Dad let him do a footprint, I was cleaning the pool and look over and he was WRITING IN THE CONCRETE uh oh!!!  I told him to stop.... he wrote his name!!  We were so proud of him it is a BRANDON LANDMARK to forever remain!!!
Here it is!!!!  The landmark!

His footprint, he left one on my heart too!!

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