Monday, July 9, 2012

He doesn't want to be 10 years old anymore...

he wants to be 9 years old again!!! It's been one of THOSE days yuck!!!  He has been crying & whining ALL DAY.  He comes to me this afternoon crying...he says, "I don't want to be 10 anymore I want to be 9 again."  So my having the "super powers" that I have, I said a magic word (not sure what it was) and POOF he was 9 again.  So there that stopped the meltdown that was coming.

He goes in the kitchen and tells his Meme that he is 9 years old (she doesn't know anything about the "mommy magic" I just did)  She responds, "No your 10."  Noah tells her, "My Mommy made me 9."
You never know what "powers" you possess until their needed.

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