Monday, July 16, 2012

The Teen Who???

I think the boy tries to find difficult things to obsess about.....the show Teen Titans it ran from 2003-2006, Cartoon Network shows an hour of it every night.  Noah will do his research; did you know there is a Teen Titans Wiki I can provide the link if you need it LOL.  So all the "Titans & Honorary Titans" have a communicator.  Well to no surprise guess who wants a you know difficult it is to find one since they don't make them anymore!  Well he found one a e-Bay still in the package, I didn't have the money at that time.  He goes to look it up last week GONE!!!

We searched EVERYWHERE for one on the Internet, he found one Thursday on e-Bay it is used and it cost MORE than the one in the package.  He is SO excited it should be here today and he thinks he will be an "honorary titan"!  I will keep you posted with some pictures this afternoon....and the excitement builds.....

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