Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Crab Legs, Where are Their Faces???

Summer is SO much fun, it is SOOOO hot though... I am so thankful we bought that pool last summer that was the smartest $300 I have ever spent!!  I am trying to catch one on clearance this summer and save a few $$$.  Anyway we have had a great week, I have been super busy with school but we are still going out to the pool 3 times a day, Noah is LOVING it he is swimming like a fish.  I swear it was the goggles, he put them on and started swimming.  It was amazing!!

So we went to "camp" two days last week at Faith Christian Academy (School for kids with different abilities), I have become friends with the director (Ms Tammy) over the past few years, we went to school there a couple of years ago for ABA therapy.  Noah loved it, so we went to camp he did forced me to back off and I hung out with Ms Tammy and helped her with stuff.  Savannah came with us Friday and there were a few more kids a couple of little girls around 5 years old, Savannah helped them with some of their activities so that helped her too, she is so shy anything to bring her out of her shell. There are a couple more week of camp this summer and we are going to go a couple of days. We are going to start back a couple of days a week for school next year, that will really help me with his curriculum and planning.

We have had a great 4th holiday, hope you did too!! Noah has been watching the show "The Biggest Catch" about he crab fishing guys, so dad bought crab legs today...Noah was playing with them he didn't want to eat them.  He kept asking are they alive?? were they alive?? where are their faces?? can I eat them??  do I have to eat them??  He was really cute but he didn't eat the crab meat.

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