Friday, September 21, 2012

Team Sports...Is he Ready???

Well we did it~he went to soccer practice last night....I called Special Olympics and got him set up.  We watched YouTube videos of kids playing soccer, we viewed some PECS about playing soccer.  I am trying to explaining the role of the coach, so I said, "you have to listen to the coach, just like you listen to me when I am teaching you."  Noah responds, "So he's the leader."  I say, "I guess you could say that but usually you call him coach."  Noah, " He is the leader right??"  Me, "Yeah"  Noah, "OK then he is the leader."  in other words period END OF CONVERSATION.  I don't know maybe he called him "The Leader" instead of Coach.

The Coach got stuck in traffic so when we got there the director of our chapter of Special Olympics was there, super lady very personable.  So she got them to run 2 laps around the field, Noah took off like a shot...looking behind him as he ran approaching an iron fence, but one of the guys said something and he turned around just in time.  So he was leading the pack at one time then slowly drifted back to the back of the pack- then he would shoot up to the front again.  It was pretty comical when he runs he is all over the place, arms flapping, he looks like he has no upper body control.

So the coach arrives, Noah sees him getting the bag of balls out of his car, and runs to him, says something and grabs the giant bag of balls and heads to the field.   WOW I never saw that one coming.  He tends to find a comfort zone wherever we go if we are there for any length of time and last night was no exception.  There was a "hole" I never went over there but I think it was like a drainage grate or something.  Anyway that was to be his "spot".  He would kinda wander away to the "hole" and just sit there.  Once I was about to get up and go see about him and the director told he to just have a seat Coach would get him and he did.  Noah did so good, the boys were older, there was one little fella 4 years old (He is typical came with a family member) him & Noah hit off, they were kicking the ball to each other.  He called him the brown boy I love it!!!

We were invited to several upcoming events, it was a really good experience for Noah and opportunity for both of us to make some friends.

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