Friday, August 17, 2012

Noah & Mom at the Zoo

We went to the Memphis Zoo this week, we got there early right when they open to avoid the crowd~we were successful. We LOVE our zoo it is incredible; this is the Teton Trek it is one of our newer exihibits it is totally cool.

It has bears, wolves and some other fascinating animals we actually caught the bears at a great time, they we in the water.

We got some GREAT picture of the bears...

 The one to the left is kicking back and enjoying the water!!

          We caught this one swimming...he would stick his face in
  the water & blowing bubbles.              

This is Noah...just chilling out!!
The zoo also has a Birds & Bees Exhibit we got there before it opened so we went in right before we left and Noah (and Mom) were amazed, we purchased a "feeding stick" it was some kinda bird food on a stick with a clothespin~the birds would perch on the stick to eat....once we got a couple of birds on it the masses came.  There were birds on our feet, Noah was LOVING it, birds landed on my shoulder and walked down my arm.  The battery ran out in the camera after the bears, I got a picture of the birds before the exhibit opened beautiful birds....

We had a totally AU-some time, the dinosaurs exhibit was gone, he was a little confused about that but it didn't seem to bother him too much.


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