Monday, August 20, 2012

Autism, Fibro, Home School & Getting My Degree

Sometimes I think I have taken on too much...after Noah's diagnosis and so much conflict with the school-we decided best course of action was to home school.  I was unable to continue my career in retail management because of the Fibromyalgia, so this would work out great right.....RIGHT in the midst of all this I decided I needed to return to school to finish my degree.

With that said I did it I enrolled at Liberty University Online and I am a year away from graduating with my Psychology degree.  If you know fibro there this this thing called the "fibro fog" memory impairment as well as cognitive issues, without all the work related stress and medication I am better but school has been difficult due to the memory issues I have BUT that will not stop me.

The plan going forward kids education, my education & Foundation's for the Future that is the goal.  God laid this dream on my heart last year to create a place for adolescents & adults with autism to learn independent living skills, work related skills & family counseling & support for transition process.  The incorporating paperwork should be complete with the fee next week.  The paperwork wasn't holding me up the $600 fee was LOL.  After this comes the IRS paperwork oh for  JOY!!

I am a mom on a mission~we lack so many services just as most communities do so I decided to create my own program this is so exciting for me!!

Look out world he we come..........(to be continued)

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  1. They say the busy people are the ones who find time and energy to get things done. I am rooting for ya!