Sunday, June 17, 2012

Totally Awesome Party!!!!

Well the boy's tenth birthday party went off with out any major problems....we had 6 kids plus my 2, each family had a child with autism and a "typical" child!!  The water slide we rented was the BOMB!!  Check out these pictures!!

I was SO MUCH FUN, I went down it a few times!!!  The kids absolutely LOVED it!!  So after the slide we did the pinata they enjoyed that too!!!  then we went in for cake here are some pictures of the cool cake I made!!  

Here is the fruit bowl that Hubby made for the party it turned out great!!
Here is a picture of our friends that came to celebrate with us!!

The parents that came were SO happy to be able to come to a party and not be on pins & needles about our kids behavior or social interactions!  It was funny Noah got tired and got off the slide, hubby put a tarp under the pinata hanging in the tree in case the ground got wet from the slide...I look over and he is laying in the tarp looking up at the tree and the "Dragon King" Pinata!!

All in all it was great Noah had a small meltdown after everyone left, I think he was just way over stimulated and excited!!
ONCE AGAIN hubby invites folks to come over and doesn't tell me until a few hours before hand it wasn't so bad because I had a lot of lemonade and tea already made up and fruit.  He cooked ribs all day and we had burger & hot dogs.  It was just the "boys" for a while until another friend showed up with his girlfriend, Noah was in the pool, Savannah was laying down she was SO TIRED!!!  I guess it might have been considered "rude" but at 9 o'clock I started bringing stuff in the house because I know that bunch they will talk for 2 more hours, I didn't care if they stayed and talked but it was time for us to wind down!!

The second party went well too, overall we had a GREAT day!!!!  All the preparations really paid off, Noah told me during his meltdown after the party that he didn't want his birthday to end...he didn't want it to be June 17 tomorrow!!!!

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