Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Final Countdown

Yes his birthday is 3 days away!!!! Party preparations are on schedule!! I should not have to stress out at all,  (LOL)I am setting a photo corner, I found red tablecloth at a yard sale this weekend, black streamer, and I used a Japanese font I found blew the letters up 500% and WA LA I will have an awesome birthday banner and photo backdrop. Here's a picture:

Now the cake is a concern but I think I have it figured out!! I went to Party City and bought a cake pan for a sheet cake and it was ON SALE (two of my favorite words) for $5 yeah!!! Then husband wants to put his two cents worth in about the cake yeah right!!

I put the Ninja eyes on the cups and favor bags, I thought they turned out well, we will blow up the balloons Friday & put the "eyes" on them!!

I think I went a "little" overboard OH WELL!!!   He understands his birthday this year, so that right there is a reason to CELEBRATE!!!  I just wish you guys could be here too!!!  I am painting the "cardboard" green ninja tonight or tomorrow, if it turns out well I will post of picture of that too!!

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