Friday, April 13, 2012

Obsessions, Compulsions (whatever you want to call it) Past & Present....

As we know from experience our kids with autism tend to get "obsessed" with different things, Noah's obsessions have ranged from standing in his head ALL THE TIME to waiting for the water to come back up in the toilet weird huh?? If he's in a hurry he just doesn't flush it takes too long LOL!!  In a public restroom it's not too cool either. BUT I would rather have stranger look at me like I am crazy rather than start a meltdown with my 9 year old.

His obsessions change right now we have the toilet, not closing ANY browsers on the computers (he will have 60 or more open), I try to explain it would be faster if he would close them.  But does he listen to me??  What do you think??  We are still on the Mario Brothers kick not quite as bad, he is starting to play with Lego Ninjago's which is age appropriate so that's great.  Question about Mario? if their the "Mario Brothers" is his name Mario Mario & Luigi Mario??  I don't get it!!!  Just a thought!

Some of our past "obsessions" include collecting empty cereal boxes, toilet paper world, every brand of tp we have had at the SAME TIME and could not use it.  When we would go to the store (he still does this) he is the ONLY kid I have ever seen that LOVES the paper products aisle, he  has to inspect them all and talk to the puppy on Cottonelle, the baby on Angel Soft & the bear on Charmin *** Bet you didn't know Cottonelle has an App for their puppy, we have it LOL***

And of course clothes, we still go through the phases of not wanting them on.  At least he wears his underwear, OH YEAH, he is totally OBSESSED with his "private"  it's like a built in toy!!  He has learned the correct term "penis"  and he runs around screaming "Penis, Penis"  so I tell him not to say it.  His response is, "Is it a bad word?" Well uhhh NO!  Noah, "why can't I say it?"  I said, "Do you hear anyone else walking around saying "penis"?"  Enough said!!  Share your kids current obsessions in our comments!!

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  1. Angry Birds...of course, and still super mario brothers. With his 'built in toy' all I have to say is 'hands' and it is hands off. 1st thing I trained him on!!