Friday, April 13, 2012

Graceland Goes BLUE for Autism Awareness

Graceland was great, we (myself, committee members &family from 2011 walk) had a private tour of Graceland - we got a sneak peek at the new Lisa Marie exhibit. Our tour guide was marvelous, we took our time to look at everything she readily answered any questions that we had.
OMG I forgot the memory card for my camera & phone only had 20 %. BUMMER so I only have a few pictures of Graceland.
Here is a Couple of pictures of the "jungle room". Elvis trivia!!!! Did you know that he had a pet monkey, his name was Scatter. There was a monkey in every room, little ceramic monkey's, wooden monkey's!!

LOVE the green shag carpet, this was definitely a '70's house

This is a picture of the grounds, Elvis had horses and loved to ride. Did you know that Elvis sometimes road his horse to the front gates of Graceland to sign autographs for fans!!
This picture shows Elvis's Tupelo Mississippi home where he was born.

Here is a group photo they took before the tour. My two sweethearts (Dad & Noah) did not go on the tour. COULD YOU IMAGINE Noah in Elvis's house NO WAY!! They came for the " flip the switch" ceremony.

This photo is me, Kerry Magro & Christine Hart both from Autism Speaks, they were SO nice, Kerry is an adult with autism I really enjoyed their company and SO glad they came. Christine is a web designer for Autism Speaks, she made the LIUB site and app.  THANKS Christine!!
The lighting ceremony was too cool here is a picture of me, dad & Noah, he flipped the switch, I was SO glad he didn't do the on/off thing he likes LOL. My daughter Savannah said her face hurt from smiling so much for all the pictures.
the BIG switch!!
 In our company we had Miss Teen Dyersburg (Tennessee) miss Madison Butler, her sister Brittly was on the committee. Madison's platform is AUTISM!! Thanks Madison for helping raise awareness for autism.
Noah was Noah and I wouldn't have it any other way, I think the camera man could have done without him LOL. after all the picture taking, their was a huge fuzzy microphone, he could not resist.......he goes up to the microphone and screams "peanut butter jelly time" everybody lost it and started laughing. Too bad it didn't make the video on I was GREAT I think the people in front of Graceland heard him. Overall it went well here are some various pictures of the evening below!!!  Graceland is committed to Lighting it up Blue every year for Autism Awareness!!

More pics of us & the group!!

This is one of Elvis's Jumpsuits, the room that the jumpsuits were in was 20 degrees cooler than any other room.  

this wall was in the "jumpsuit" room COVERED in gold records!!!
Thanks Elvis Presley's Graceland for the wonderful experience and for LIGHTING IT UP BLUE!!!


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  1. What a great post! Love the visit to Graceland and the personal pix of your family. Funny, too, cus my daughter's name is Savannah too!