Sunday, April 22, 2012

20 Questions?? Wait no there are more than that....

What is a shadow? Do I have a shadow? How is a shadow made? What is a robot? Can I be a robot? What does "classic" mean? Who is "doodle-bob? Are you happy??Be happy!! Don't be mad. Are you mad, or frustrated? What's frustrated?

What does regular mean? What does weird mean?  What’s an appointment?  What is fog?  Why do we have clouds?  When I die and see God I want to come back.  When am I going to die?  Do we all die?  Do we all go to heaven?  Sherlock is in heaven right: (she is our dog that died a few years ago) Are there really bank robbers in real life??  Are snakes icky?  Can I have a snake??

What is a man? Am I a man? I think I am a young man. Am I a young man? Will I be a man? When will I be a man? I don’t want to grow up; do I have to grow up? I will give him half my sandwich; he will ask are you full? Can I eat this now?

Can I have your computer now? No Noah mommy is working right now you can play on the iPad, ok mommy. Two minutes later, mommy can I play on your computer now? No Noah not right now, ok mommy.

Noah asks, "when are we going back to Nashville?” I reply, "Next week." Noah, "are they going to steal my blood?” My reply, "No they are not going to "steal your blood!". Noah, "are they taking my blood?” I reply "yes". Noah, "are they going to give it back?” I said no. Noah replied, "Then they are stealing my blood!!"

Does your kid ask you question after question, Noah is FULL of questions, and I am not always full of answers LOL!!!

He still has not asked the hardest question yet…what is autism??  And why do I have autism?  I am still thinking about the answer to both those questions!!!


  1. Still waiting for all the questions.....someday I'm sure they will come. Love this!!

  2. YES!!!!! Some days a MILLION ?'s. If its not ?'s, its "momma" a million times a day. I know I should be grateful he is verbal, but holy moly!!!!! He has asked, "why did God born me this way?" We tell him God chose him to have autism because it makes him special. (Not sure what else to tell him, lol)