Monday, March 12, 2012

Mother-in-Law of the Year Award...

Goes to..... I  bet you thought I would say, "NOT my mother-in-law!"  Well you would be WRONG!!  When God decided that I was gonna marry hubby, He took into consideration the "In-Law Compatibility" factor.
To Meme for Being the Best Grandmother & mother-in-law EVER!!!

 My mother in law she is referred to as Meme is just awesome, there's no other way to put it.  We live with her, before we had the kids we lived with her, she has Multiple Sclerosis, she is able to care for herself so it's not like we have to do stuff for her.  As a matter of fact my life would not be like it is today without her, I am able to home school and return back to school myself because of her.  She takes care of the family, she does most of the laundry with 5 people that a lot, she cleans like a crazy person, she & hubby do all the cooking (I am sort of banned from cooking, but that's a whole other story there).  She enjoys her TV shows, she & Savannah (my daughter) are close, as most of you know a child on the spectrum monopolizes a lot of your time and energy.

Meme is truly amazing, she reads and looks at materials on how to understand autism and it's effects, she doesn't give advice she listens to new strategies we want to implement with Noah, I go over materials that are pertinent to Noah and Savannah's development with her. Both my parents are deceased and she has truly been there for me and the kids, she watched the kids back in the day when I had a "real job"

You all know how hard it is to raise a child with autism, how "typical" parenting strategies go out the window, it is hard for some of the older generations to understand that conventional parenting does not work on our kids.  She has ALWAYS embraced any new strategies that we were working on, even when she might of thought it was "stupid" she has never said anything negative about my parenting skills, maybe she thought it but never said it.  I just wanted to publicly thank her for her support, understanding, patience, financial support ans most of all for loving me like I was her own!!  Without her none of what I do would be possible.  Thank you Meme & I Love You!!

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