Thursday, March 1, 2012

Check Out Our 52 Seconds of Video...

OK this is a hoot I took the kids to the zoo and NOAH (I say that b/c I am yelling, can't yell at him so I will yell writing about him) drove me CRAZY!!  I want to go back to Vanderbilt, WE NEED THAT MEDICINE AHHHHHHH!!  Anyway they had one of those photo booths you know $5 and get the strip of pictures COOL RIGHT!  wrong!! Noah went in an refused to come out until he had a picture made PERIOD end of discussion.  I did all the "mom" things, I tried being really sweet which usually works, not today; then I tried bribery, with candy NO LUCK; so I tried to be stern.  Needless to say we are the proud owner of new photo booth pictures of me & the kids. I feel like I got a bargain, we got 2 picture strips and you can view the video "behind the scenes" of our pictures it's really cool.  Here's the link, Savannah tried to tell me it was a video too, but I wasn't listening!! Imagine that!  Wonder how many times I tell Noah to "look here" in 52 seconds??LOL
Video of Savannah, Noah & Mom a Zoo

Picture strip of us at zoo!!!

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