Saturday, March 17, 2012

Age Appropriate Toys

It's really amazing but Noah has come SO far the past few months, he is playing with toys that are appropriate for his age, he is into Lego Ninjagos, expensive (their Lego) & tiny.  But worth every penny to see him playing with them like your suppose to.  I am so hopeful of his development it has been coming quickly, more so than in the past.  He & Savannah are playing together more and not quite as rough as they used to.  They have watched a couple movies together this week.  Noah has been much more explosive and prone to meltdowns at the drop of a hat.  We knew this would happen we are in our final weeks of the clinical trail and he is being weened off the medication. IT SUCKS!!  There is hope...we go back on 3-26 and get back on the medicine YEAH!!

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