Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wild World of Autism Visits Disney World

Let me first say I was apprehensive about this trip the closer the time came because it seemed as if Noah's behavior had regressed, however after much planning and realizing that he needed frequent breaks our trip was INCREDIBLE.  KUDOS to Disney World for making every detail amazing of our vacation the Guest Assistance Card is a must for an individual with autism or with any disability.  Disney has the "fast pass lane" that is the line that we were allowed to access to at every ride the wait was shorter and not as many people.  No doubt Noah touched EVERY surface on the way to the ride, ran his hand down every rail,wall, and any other surface there was.  He absolutely loved EVERY thrill ride, I mean every one he went on.

Savannah our daughter is not exactly the "thrill" ride type, but she surprised us as the week progressed she really came out of her shell and rode rides and had a great time.  She is usually very reserved and shy, she does not respond well when out of her element.  Not uncommon for teenagers!!  She made the trip so much more enjoyable for her brother. We traveled at one of the lowest attendance week there was during the year which I highly recommend if you are able too.  Savannah would take Noah's hand and lead him to the different rides or to a bench to take a rest, she was really incredible in the way she helped him get around and looked after him!

I thought I would recap Disney through a few different posts so that I can include pictures in each post!!

We made it!!!

Magic Kingdom 
"Boneyard" playground at our resort!!

Noah & Savannah at Boneyard!!

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