Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sex Talk How Did I Get in Your Tummy??? AHHH

Last night we are going to bed and yes Noah sleeps with me, some how or another we got on the subject of babies.  Now keep in mind we are learning about God and the devil right now too, so...

I said, "God gave you to mommy and daddy." Noah, "How did He do that if he's in heaven?'  HMMM

I said, " God put you in mommy's tummy until you were ready to be born" (GREAT ANSWER right...)  Noah asks, "how did I get in your tummy, did you swallow me??"

 I lost it and starting laughing...I didn't know WHAT to say at this point.  So being the awesome mom that I am LOL I said, "Go to sleep and we will talk about it tomorrow!"

HELP where do I go from here because you know he is GOING to ask again!!!

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  1. Good Luck!!!!

    We haven't had to face this question with my ASD kids yet, but my typical kid asks the question. What we tell him is that Daddy planted a seed that met the egg in Mommy and then a baby grew. We showed him some pictures as well about how a baby develops. How it starts off looking like nothing much and before you know it, it's a baby. Thank G-D he hasn't asked how Daddy gets the seed in there!!!!!!! He's 7......I'm not ready to explain it!!!!!!!!!