Friday, February 22, 2013

Noah's Urine Sample...He Peed in WHAT??

Yesterday we are at Vanderbilt for Noah's appointment, so we get to the hospital and get up to the right floor, we are getting settled and Noah needs to use the restroom. So he goes into the bathroom. So I waited for a minute and decided maybe I should go in there and see what going on.

I walk into the bathroom and Noah is peeing in the lid of an aerosol can. OMG he says, "here give this to them" I said, "no and poured it into the toilet and said they will get you a cup if they need your pee." Noah responds, "go get the cup". I said, "they will give us a cup if you need to do that."

So I go to throw away the lid that had been peed in he screams, "NO!" I stop "What's wrong??" He grabs it from me and says, "don't throw it away" and puts it back on the aerosol can that it came off of! I just left it there. LOL never a dull moment!

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